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Every man has a dream, and the dream of Zeca do Pôpa from the Douro was to own a vineyard in one of the best locations in the oldest recognized wine region of the world. He started to put together smallholdings, common in the agricultural structure of the north of Portugal, to form a true vineyard. He baptized the vineyard QUINTA DO PÔPA, built with both great economic effort and great enthusiasm, in honour of his father who was nicknamed “Pôpa” due to the joy he had in the company of his friends. And so the QUINTA DO PÔPA was born, sitting alongside the Douro river in a privileged position, counting simply on the best of the wines in the Douro region.

If it was to be possible to produce the best Porto wines at the Quinta do Pôpa, the owner chose to plant the best castes in Portugal with  Tinta Roriz  dominating, accompanied by  Touriga Franca, Tinto Cao, Sousão, and of course, as would have to be,  a high percentage of Touriga Nacional. The farm’s vocation is therefore more directed towards the great wines of the best wine region of Portugal. The dream became reality due to the enthusiasm that Zeca do Pôpa put into its development.

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2010-10-07 - Luís Pato and the meat without bone

... Of the 2007 harvest we tasted two Quinta do Pôpa red wines that deserve attention.  They do not yet reach the upper limits of their Duriense counterparts of the year, but for a new brand we can say that much was achieved in such a short time. The Touriga Nacional that costs around 15 Euros, the floral dimension of the caste/grape variety, its subtlety and its aromatic density are impressive. Quinta do Pôpa Vinhas Velhas that matured during four months in new half barrels, and gave origin to 3333 bottles, pursues the physiognomy of its varietal brother, conserving its elegance, delicacy and profundity but is sustained on a much more complex and solid structure that approaches the classics.

With black fruit aromas, some mentholated and with notes that suggest the fragrances of Duriense wild bushes, this is a wine that provokes an explosion of sensations in the mouth. Well balanced, sophisticated and opulent, with an enormous and already advanced reinforcement of tannins, it’s a Duriense to be accounted for. It drinks well now but it will be much more impressive after spending a good couple of years in the bottle.  Here the signature of Luís Pato is also a synonym of guarantee.

Manuel Carvalho - Fugas (07/08/2010)

2010-09-10 - XII Wine Contest ACIC - Cidade de Coimbra

Wines Pôpa VV 2007 and TN 2007, produced by Quinta do Pôpa in the Douro, have just been awarded with a Silver Medal by the jury of Commerce and Industry Association of Coimbra (ACIC) in XII Wine Contest ACIC - Cidade de Coimbra .

2010-08-24 - International Wine Challenge 2010

The wines Pôpa VV 2007 and TRePA 2007, produced by Quinta do Pôpa in the Douro, have just been awarded by the jury of the International Wine Challenge, the largest and most prestigious wine competition in the world.

The Pôpa VV 2007 was awarded with a Silver Medal and TRePA 2007 with a Commended Medal.

2010-03-11 - "The best wines of the year”

The critic José António Salvador says that "there is nothing more subjective than taste." Resulting from the many tastes he accomplished throughout 2009 and this is therefore his selection of Champaign’s, Whites, Reds, Rosés and Ports...

Pôpa VV Vinhas Velhas Red Douro 2007
Vineyards with more than 60 year old mixed traditional castes resulted in this excellent wine.”

2009-08-26 - IWC 2009

The 26th International Wine Contest (IWC) – the most important and influential independent wine contest – reflecfts the result of the 2009 contest. With a record of 41 participating countries the contest attributed a total of 304 gold medals, 13% more than last year.

France was once again the country that won most prizes with 49 medals, followed closely by Australia and Portugal. 

Bronze Prize in the International Wine Challenge 2009.

Detail of the wining wine:

  • Pôpa TR, 2007
Region: Douro, Portugal
Grape Variety: Tinta Roriz
  • Tasting Note: Fruity with spices and oak on the nose. Good intensity of black sweet fruit and spices tasting.

2009-08-26 - Guia de vinhos 2009 (Portugal)

In another edition of “Guia de Vinhos” (Wine Guide), Rui Falcão presents a rating and tasting grades of the best Portuguese and foreign wines.

Luis Pato is a national reference, a remarkable producer, a pioneer and a producer of excellence. He is one of Portugal’s most important and influential producers, a man with his own ideas and strong convictions. His wines are a balsam for the senses. He has produced wine for many years and has never become comfortable. He maintains a free and open spirit and had the courage, for the third time, to revolutionize his wines, change practices, follow new paths and understand the danger of becoming comfortable without ever prejudicing the quality and character of his wines. Soon, we will have the opportunity of tasting a novelty, the Trepa: a Tinta Roriz from the Douro (Quinta do Pôpa) with a Pan Vine berry. Luis Pato does not stop…
Trepa 2007 (sample): 15 -16,5
The name of Luís Pato´s new philosophical Project, that isn’t evident without previous explaining, results from the blending of Tinta Roriz and Pan (Pan Wine). Douro´s Tinta Roriz comes from a farm, where Luis Pato is a consulter, with old vineyards subdivided with his dear Pan Vine berry. Currently, the subdivision is at an immature phase, in pre-adolescence, but it is easy to understand the matchability with the Roriz fruit seasoning the robust berry’s temperament… and the berry fertilizing the body and consistence of the Roriz. Good promises…

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